Alkistis brought laughter and light-heartedness to the healing sessions which helped me to relax. She was particularly good at sensing and clearing energy blocks. After the sessions I felt happy. In my body I felt lighter, less burdened by the mind and more peaceful. I would thoroughly recommend Alkistis as a healer.  



I received intuitive healing from Alkistis. Immediately felt that the blocks that I had for a long period of time were no longer there as they lifted and gradually I began to feel completely free, in the hours, days and weeks after. I enjoyed that I felt completely relaxed with Alkistis and immediately felt able to trust her and let her guide me.


Social Worker

Thank you Alkistis for giving me the chance to leave behind all the negative thoughts. I was feeling tired, exhausted, very sad, disappointed and there were times that I couldn’t breathe. Her method really relaxed me and she showed me what to do to help myself and really helped me to leave behind all the negativity and the pain I was feeling. Now after 5 months I continue doing what she taught me and I would like say to others that it really helped me. It won’t solve all your problems but it will calm down all the negativity and stress you have.



Alkistis is a highly intuitive healer, she gets to the core of what is going on and works on it. I have asked Alkistis for help when I have felt an extreme lack of energy and what she has come back with has been amazing. I really did feel a sense of relief. What is wonderful about her healing is that I did not have to do anything – she did it all and I felt better. I completely trust her, she is quite incredible.


Business Owner

This service starts with Alkistis’ relaxed attitude, very approachable personality and professional manner making it a pleasure. The service that you provided me did have a positive result. I would highly recommend Alkistis Sanderson.


NLP / Life Coach

Alkistis thank you for your valuable help with intuitive healing.  I often use what you taught me when I feel unwell or when circumstances and people around me trigger result in physical pain. I still remember what a powerful experience it was when the pain in my neck completely dissolved after just 10 minutes of healing work. Your help is invaluable and I have no hesitations to recommend you to anyone.


Corporate Employee

I desperately needed some help as I was feeling anxious about what move to make next in my career. I was hugely overthinking decisions and feeling overwhelmed. Working with Alkistis to release my anxieties surrounding my fear of change was amazing. I now feel care free and have no anxiety. My tendency to overthink has also gone. I’m really pleased with the result!



After just one session I felt a great sense of relief. Alkistis and I worked through my fears of loss and abandonment, which were causing perfectionism and a huge amount of procrastination. We still need more sessions to release some of my deeper fears, but even after the first session I feel so much better within myself and am being far kinder to myself too!


Business Owner

I am so happy to see my daughter smiling and being affectionate. She seems lighter in herself and she is more confident and less reactionary in situations.


Alkistis’s work is a reflection and action of who she is. Equipped with skills, intuition and empathy, she naturally loves engaging with people and shares her knowledge in an easy and light way, making it fun and accessible to anyone. Alkistis is passionate about bringing balance back. I am grateful for re-energising our home environment supporting good health, well-being and prosperity.


The Golden Muse

Alikistis knows her work inside out. She is able to adapt and come up with some wonderful solutions to overcome the most toughest of challenges. She also brings much positive energy every time I need to lift the energy in my home and practice. 
10 out of 10


Mind, Body and Wellness Consultant. De-stress and Performance coach

I greatly appreciated the work Alkistis executed on my behalf in both my personal and home life. I had reached a point where I felt that many of my projects and also my emotional state were linked to a feeling of stasis. In fact I had become stuck in a rut, albeit a comfortable one.

Alkistis visited my home and after consultation, worked towards changing the geopathic stress that the home, and by association myself, was suffering from. Not only did my home benefit but also our living circumstances improved. There was a general improved feeling of wellbeing for the family and there was a change in the circumstances outwith the house as well. These took the form of many of my projects beginning to develop as some others began to drift away. I realised that some projects had become more of an encumbrance than a source of joy. I am delighted to recommend Alkistis and her work to anyone who wants to bring more clarity into their lives. Not only do I see the way forward clearer now but I am also at peace with where I am at present.