How does energy healing work?

In today’s society, over time, as we learn fears and hold onto them, our ability to use our intuition is diminished. This creates mental and emotional blockages, which cloud our intuition, meaning we lose touch with our inner voice. In energy healing, a healer helps clear these energy blockages and put you back in touch with your inner wisdom. This means that you can respond to your inner needs in a way that intelligence alone cannot.

About the sessions

What is the role of the healer in energy healing?

The healer acts as a guide for you, and will support you with honesty and compassion throughout the healing session. During your consultations, the healer will help bring any fears to the surface, no matter how deep-rooted. Then the healer works to help you accept and release your fears,  which will bring you closer to your internal power and help you find the right path to achieve your goals.

What is intuition?

Intuition is the innermost feeling in our hearts. It is our ability to understand or realise something, without the need for conscious reasoning. In other words, intuition taps into subconscious information and provides us with guidance.

Why do we need our intuition?

Intelligence is restricted to thinking in a linear way, whereas our intuition is capable of grasping multidimensional views. This means that we are able to approach crossroads and decisions holistically, combining intuition and intelligence, without the need for rumination and worry caused by underlying fears.

Will I have to do anything?

In terms of releasing your fears, blocked emotions, limiting beliefs and spiritual parasites, you simply need to take part in the sessions (via phone or skype in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.) However, energy healing is just one part of your journey. Yes it can help you deal with your fears, give you more clarity of mind, and stop you procrastinating or worrying, but it is not a magic pill and you will still need to take action to see the benefits. You still need to do the work, make the decisions and have the difficult conversations, but the path for how to do this will be much clearer.

Do I need to tell you everything? Is this like therapy or counselling?

No, the power of energy healing is such that you don’t need to recount your stories or previous experiences. There’ll be no delving into your childhood or how your father treated you, no whys or whens. We go straight into clearing blocked emotions, limiting beliefs and spiritual parasites. And you can rest assured that anything we do discuss, of course, remains completely confidential.

Do I need to have a particular belief system or religion for energy healing to work on me?

No, energy healing gives positive results regardless of your belief system or religion.

Who Is energy healing suitable for?

It works equally well on adults and children of all ages, regardless of the circumstances they are facing. It can also be used for couples and families, as well as teams and organisations to help them work better together and help them increase and sustain their capacity at a higher level of engagement.

Do I need to feel ill or in a crisis to benefit?

No, energy healing breaks up energetic congestions and strengthens areas of energetic weakness to give you greater clarity, insight and perception. It can also help to de-stress and recharge you, therefore you don’t need to be in a physical or emotional crisis in order to receive the benefits.

Is energy healing safe?

Energy healing is considered very safe and side effect free. Sometimes though, an old pain or tucked away emotion may come up and be felt again on its way out. That can either happen during the healing session or sometimes afterwards and is commonly known as healing crisis. A healing crisis could last a few days when you may occasionally experience these feelings and not everyone goes through that process. However if these feeling persist, its an indication that another layer of your psyche is in need of healing.

How long will it take?

It’s hard to give an exact time as everyone is different, but we usually see a big change right from the first session. Under every emotional blockage there is a layer of multiple fears and insecurities and we will work through these systematically. We may also need to release spiritual parasites and harmonise detrimental environmental energies, this is why we may need more than one session and it’s difficult to know until we start the process. Prices start at £90.

Do I come to see you or can I have a session remotely?

I do all energy healing remotely, and in some cases you’ll need to be available to do sessions by Skype or phone. This means no travel time or costs, and no need to dress up, we can do sessions in your office, home or any quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed.

Health & Wellbeing

I don’t know why I feel unwell, can you help?

In most cases, energy healing can uncover what is causing you to feel unwell, even if the traditional route of diagnosis hasn’t provided any conclusive answers. Depending on the reasons for your ill health, energy healing may be able to help you feel better, or I may refer you to another health specialist, such as your GP.

Do you work with specific health conditions?

Although I don’t often work systematically with specific health conditions, I have noticed that when working with people for clearings and emotional balancing, other conditions, such as eczema, depression, chronic pain, also improve. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how energy healing can help a long-term or acute condition.

Business & Career

I am a business owner, I need to implement changes in my business but I am fearful of doing so, can you help?

Yes, change is a constant reality of any workplace. And if it’s not, it ought to be, because the riskiest thing any business can do is stand still. Fear of making the wrong decision or having a difficult conversation causes you to procrastinate or worse, paralyses you. And doing nothing is rarely the right decision. Inaction can lead to loss of productivity, lowered employee motivation, and a tarnished reputation for the business manager/owner. Energy healing can identify which fears are holding you back, and release them so you can stop procrastinating, make the necessary changes and help the business thrive.

Can you help my organisation find a better flow?

Yes, although most large organisations invest in developing employee’s skills, knowledge and competence, very few help build and sustain their energy and well-being. Their capacity is typically taken for granted, even though greater capacity makes it possible to get more done in less time at a higher level of engagement and with more sustainability. Energy healing can help your employees to release emotions that deplete their energy and improve their capacity and wellness, therefore their productivity.

Can you help my creativity?

Creativity is one of our most powerful tools in solving problems and overcoming challenges in any discipline or industry. Yet fears can thoroughly stifle your creativity. Energy healing helps to release fears such as the messy unknown, being judged, losing control, or taking the first step. It allows you to rediscover your creative confidence, the natural ability we have to come up with new ideas, and the courage to try them out.

There are talks of big changes at work, I feel stressed, can you help?

Yes, most people prefer routine and predictability because it gives them a sense of control. Talks of budget cuts, the sale of the company, changes in management or job responsibilities brings on a lot of different anxieties and fears. With the help of energy healing you acknowledge and release those fears, you can successfully navigate the changes, become more flexible, involved and increase your value.

Mental Health

Can you help with anger management?

Yes, anger is a fear-based emotion and a form of self-defence. We feel threatened by disregard, disrespect and disapproval, causing our fearful egos to act out and get angry at others. Through energy healing you will deconstruct your fears, acknowledge them and release them. You will be helped to get back to being in integrity with yourself.

Can you help with depression?

Unless someone is suffering from a pathologic condition, clearing of spiritual parasites often helps clients to regain their mental and emotional balance.

I’ve lost my motivation to do anything, can energy healing help me get it back?

Energy healing can help you clear spiritual parasites and harmful energies, and in turn help you regain your motivation and vitality.

Can you help with constant worrying?

During energy healing we can work on clearing spiritual parasites and stack emotions, which helps clients regain mental and emotional clarity.

Will I become fearless?

No, it’s not about stopping your feelings, after all, we know that fear in some cases is necessary to keep us alive! Instead, energy healing helps you to evaluate which emotions are useful and which ones are not. You’ll begin to identify the unhealthy emotions, such as fears you are holding onto for no good reason, and how to release them.


How does energy healing help with relationships?

By shifting blocked emotions, limiting beliefs and spiritual parasites, energy healing can help bring your relationships with partner, friends, family members and colleagues back into harmony, balance and love.

In the home

I don’t feel settled in my home, can you help?

The “consciousness” of a house has a strong influence on how we are experiencing our lives. Homes and buildings can release realities, memories and spirit presences that don’t support us any more. By removing these we can achieve a sense of peace and belonging.

How can my home environment affect the overall wellbeing of me and my family?

The subtle energies from the lives of previous occupants can be left lingering in the atmosphere of a house or office and these may have an impact on some aspect of our own lives. By identifying what is going on in the invisible worlds of reality, certain issues affecting your wellbeing can be successfully resolved.