About Alkistis

In the early part of my career, I studied marketing and advertising and travelled around Asia before completing a BA (Hons) in design. I worked in the DIY and commercial sectors, designing restaurants and wine bars. What motivated me most was to give people a better experience, and to create spaces to heal people.

But I found myself struggling to advance my career and to make my business more profitable. I felt truly stuck. I found my fears and insecurities were holding me back, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t break limiting thought patterns and rise above my anxieties.

I knew I needed to make a change,  in order to divert my business I found myself completing a Feng Shui practitioner’s course which led me down a path I never thought I would be taking. I began to understand energy and its various forms; environmental, other people’s, our own, and the effect it has on our well-being.

It was a struggle at the beginning, I was raised to view the world through Newtonian principles not quantum physics, but the positive impact that intuitive healing had on my wellness, and that of my family, was too profound to ignore. What if by improving energy flow, we could release our fears and overcome our anxieties?

And so I continued to train and practice several healing modalities to restore the spirit and bring more vitality, purpose and power to life and body.

Now after years of practising energy healing I have developed a program to help people release spiritual parasites and clear unhelpful thought programming and harmful emotions from their body, psyche and personal environment to open up the road to rediscover their balance, move forward and live full and happy lives.

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